Oct 19, 2018
Event Honoring Louise Hirschfeld Cullman

On September 24th, the Al Hirschfeld Foundation celebrated its founder, Louise Hirschfeld Cullman with a special night at the National Arts Club. 


Louise is a woman of many talents: theater historian; research consultant for major networks, museums, and award-winning producers; an exhibiting photographer; and Tony Awards nominator. After the 2003 death of her husband, Al Hirschfeld, she founded The Al Hirschfeld Foundation. Over 12 years as its first President, Louise oversaw exhibitions around the world, supervised publications, and spearheaded philanthropic endeavors, culminating in the May 2015 opening of The Hirschfeld Century: An Al Hirschfeld Retrospective at the New-York Historical Society—the most ambitious Hirschfeld exhibition ever mounted, with a comprehensive and historic companion book. She feels that one of the most rewarding ventures she pioneered under the Foundation’s continuing guidance is the collaboration with the New York City Board of Education to produce The Al Hirschfeld Project, a curriculum for teaching the arts in New York public schools, which is now being taken nationwide. She married Lewis B. Cullman in 2010 and the couple was designated as New York City Living Landmarks in 2012.


The event was also successful in raising funds to meet our goal of $250,000 to bring the free Hirschfeld curriculum to underserved communities around the country beginning in 2019. If you want to help bring this dynamic program to a deserving classroom, we welcome your donation here.

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Feb 13, 2018
Hirschfeld’s Advice to the Lovelorn

Ruth and Gus Goetz were successful playwrights and screenwriters, best known today for The Heiress. They were longtime close friends of the Hirschfelds. In this excerpt from Judy Goetz Sanger’s forthcoming memoir, Spirits of the Staircase, Sanger, the Goetz’s only child, tells a story of how Hirschfeld helped her through a “bad patch” in her first marriage.

Jan 14, 2018
2017 In Review

Just over 90 years since his first theatrical drawing was published, and nearly 100 years since he published his first work, Al Hirschfeld remains in the public’s eye and is quite busy. As a new year begins, we wanted to take a moment and recap some of the highlights of the last year for the Al Hirschfeld Foundation. 

Nov 27, 2017
Pop Up In Los Angeles

After the wonderful response to our pop-up gallery in Manchester, Vermont this summer and fall, we decided to return to Los Angeles, the site of our first pop-up gallery two years ago. Partnering with Stuart Ng Books, we are bringing out over 100 drawings, paintings and prints, including this iconic Chaplin drawing that has never been on the market before, in two special evenings at the Animation Guild and an afternoon at the famed Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

Nov 27, 2017
Fool The Eye

Get ready to be amazed by an exhibition filled with optical illusions and artistic sleight of hand! To separate what's real from what is a clever ruse in Fool The Eye, takes an alert eye and the willingness to examine art carefully. Enjoy the visual journey. Take a few steps to the right and observe, draw your conclusions about what you think you see. Then, a few steps to the left reveals a whole new image. The guesses multiply. Is it a flat surface or a sculpture? Is it a photograph or a painting? Is it made of wood or bronze, rubber or steel? Is it real or faux?

Sep 19, 2017
Pop-Up Gallery in Manchester, VT

History is replete with examples of how art can transform communities and neighborhoods. Whether it is the Soho district in New York in the 1970s, or the music scene in Seattle in the 1990s, art and artists can revitalize areas. Manchester, Vermont is a beautiful New England town that was once the home to dozens of retail outlet stores. As the nature of retail has changed so dramatically over the last few years, the core of Manchester was hollowed out with empty storefronts.